Oral cancer screening can be a life saver! | Annapolis, MD

Annapolis dentist Dr. Scott Finlay and his associate, Dr. Chris Anderson, perform an oral cancer screening as part of routine dental exams. Oral cancer screening is quick and painless- and can save a life!

Oral cancer rates have been on the rise globally, causing over 8,000 deaths each year in the U.S. alone. While tobacco use and smoking remain major causes of oral cancers, the HPV virus is becoming another main cause of this type of cancer and HPV is also on the rise both in the U.S. and world wide.

When caught early, through detection during an oral cancer screening such as that offered by Annapolis dentists Dr. Finlay and Anderson, oral cancer can frequently be treated successfully and patients will typically have a good long term prognosis. However, without regular screening and awareness of the common symptoms, many patients are diagnosed in the later stages of this disease. When diagnosed after the cancer has spread and metastasized, the survival rate drops dramatically to 50% or below.

Symptoms of oral cancer can include:

  • Persistent hoarseness
  • Pain or difficulty swallowing
  • Lump in the throat or neck
  • Persistent earache- often in both ears
  • Numbness in or around the mouth
  • Lesion or sore that does not go away

Preventive dental care is important! During these routine dental visits with Dr. Finlay and Dr. Anderson, patients receive the care they need to support good long term oral health as well as screening for other health issues such as oral cancer. In addition, studies have consistently shown the important role that oral health plays in overall health and well being: poor oral health can also increase the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and stroke.

Schedule your routine dental visit as part of a healthy lifestyle- and get screened!

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Dental implants can offer long term oral health benefits. | Arnold, MD

Modern dentistry places an emphasis on keeping a patient’s natural tooth as often as possible, but in cases where a tooth must be removed or is knocked out, patients now have more effective options!

The replacement of missing teeth has been an important facet of modern dentistry and the focus of both restorative and cosmetic dentistry as new options have become available that are both highly functional and natural looking. One of the problems associated with tooth loss is the subsequent loss of bone in the jaw where the natural tooth root used to be, causing additional dental health issues and bite problems.

Dental implants address this issue, offering patients who have lost a tooth a “replacement in kind”: a prosthetic tooth that is anchored into the jaw bone with a tiny titanium post that mimics the tooth root. The tiny post implanted acts much like a natural tooth root, which helps to generate natural bone growth to support the tooth structure. A dental implant not only provides patients with a secure, natural looking and functioning tooth, but it can also help to reduce further bone loss and support long term dental health.

Dental implants can also be used to secure dentures when a patient has either multiple missing teeth to replace or wishes to fix the problem of ill fitting dentures. Strategically placed implants will serve to support the denture and also help to maintain sufficient bone retention and growth for better long term oral health.

Annapolis area cosmetic and restorative dentist Dr. Scott Finlay and his associate, Dr. Chris Anderson, offers implant dentistry and will create a customized treatment plan to suit a patient’s dental health needs and budget. Drs. Finlay and Anderson have incorporated some of the latest dental technologies in order to provide accurate diagnoses and results that blend with a patient’s natural smile. Using CAD/CAM computer technology, Dr. Finlay can plan treatment that is highly personalized and accommodates a patient’s dental health needs.

Dr. Finlay can answer your dental implant questions and discuss how this procedure can offer long term oral health benefits if you have lost a tooth or have a severely damaged tooth.

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We have the teeth whitening treatment options you need! | Arnold, MD

Ready to boost your confidence with a teeth whitening treatment that will have you smiling again?

Teeth whitening can provide patients with a quick and economical “smile makeover” that can sometimes transform their overall appearance, especially for those who have yellowing, stained or discolored teeth from years of smoking or consuming dark foods and beverages.

Dr. Finlay and Dr. Anderson offers their Annapolis area dental patients the options of in office professional teeth whitening, a take home kit or a combination of both for maximum results. Professional teeth whitening, including the customized take home “DIY” kit, offers results that are superior to over the counter kits that are widely available.

The in office treatment, using the revolutionary Zoom whitening system, can be completed by Dr. Finlay and associates in approximately one hour, and patients can return immediately to their daily routine. The Zoom system uses high quality, professional grade products that are accelerated with the use of a special light for maximum whitening results. Patients typically see results that are up to 8 shades lighter after treatment!

The take home kit- Dr. Finlay offers Opalescence products- includes the same professional quality products as well as a set of customized bleaching trays that are to be used for a specified period of time for excellent results that are a bit more gradual than an in office treatment. For maximum results, patients can receive an in office treatment and follow up at home with a take home kit.

Teeth whitening can last for up to a year with good oral hygiene, including regular preventive care cleanings and exams with Dr. Finlay and the occasional touch up treatment. For long lasting results it is important to avoid tobacco use and the frequent consumption of dark foods and beverages- especially coffee and teas.

To help ensure that his patients receive the best possible results that last for years to come, Dr. Finlay has a unique teeth whitening service offer: patients who have received a teeth whitening treatment and return twice per year for preventive care exams will receive a touch up kit at the second yearly dental visit! This single dose touch up applicator can help to keep a teeth whitening treatment sparkling- and patients can receive one each year as long as they maintain their bi-annual visits!

If you are ready for a brighter, whiter smile schedule a consultation with Dr. Finlay or Dr. Anderson in Arnold to discuss what a teeth whitening treatment could do for your smile!

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What are the signs of teeth grinding? | Annapolis, MD

Do you grind your teeth?

Bruxism, also known as teeth grinding, can be a common sign of a temporomandibular disorder (TMD), commonly called TMJ, and frequently goes unnoticed until it causes damage to the teeth or painful symptoms begin to be experienced. Most patients grind their teeth during sleep and are unaware that they are doing so in many cases.

Dr. Scott Finlay, a highly trained dentist in the field of complex bite disorders, often notices the signs of teeth grinding when patients are examined during preventive care visits:

  • Teeth that are worn, have chips or flat edges
  • Worn tooth enamel
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Jaw pain or tightness in the jaw muscles
  • Earache
  • Headache and/or facial pain
  • Cuts or damage to the inside of the cheek or tongue

Once Dr. Finlay has determined that a patient is grinding their teeth, he will perform a thorough evaluation of the patient’s occlusal system using some of the latest dental technologies, in order to create a treatment plan that will bring long lasting and effective results. Teeth grinding can lead to complex dental problems including gum disease and tooth loss. It is important to correctly diagnose the underlying cause of teeth grinding to bring a patient’s occlusal system back into balance.

There are several types of treatment options for patients who grind their teeth and Dr. Finlay will take the time with each patient to create a personalized plan of TMJ therapy that is best suited to their dental health issues:

-splint therpay/nightguard: this is a conservative avenue of treatment that is worn at night to prevent tooth grinding;
-orthodontics: Dr. Finlay may suggest the use of braces to properly align the teeth;
-bite equilibration: bite correction therapy will involve subtle adjustments to the teeth to restore balance in the bite.

For more complex cases, or situations where teeth are damaged, Dr. Finlay may recommend a restorative procedure to bring the bite back into proper alignment and prevent teeth grinding and its effects.

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Dental bridge or dental implant: which is the best option? | Annapolis, MD

Missing teeth, or losing a tooth, can be a traumatic experience and affects daily life for many patients: chewing food is difficult in many cases and speech can also be affected. Frequently, embarrassment is also a factor and patients find themselves trying not to smile and avoiding social situations.

The restorative options for replacing a missing tooth – or teeth- are dentures, dental bridges or dental implants. In most cases, unless a patient is not a good candidate, Dr. Finlay and Dr. Anderson, leading Annapolis area restorative and cosmetic dentists, recommend dental implants. Dentures and dental bridges can offer patients natural looking replacement teeth that are removable for cleaning and can be adjusted for fit as needed. However, this feature can also cause discomfort for many patients who may find it difficult to eat certain foods due to slippage. Additionally, over time the jaw bone may begin to recede and dentures will begin to feel loose and uncomfortable.

Dental implants, while typically more costly up front, offer many long term benefits and provide a natural looking AND functioning replacement for lost teeth. Anchored into the jaw bone with a tiny titanium post, a dental implant acts much like a natural tooth. The post can also help to preserve jaw bone, minimizing bone recession that naturally occurs when a tooth is removed.

Dr. Finlay will place a custom made crown on the post once it heals which will feel secure and blend with surrounding natural teeth. Implants do not require patients to watch what they eat because they are permanently attached to the bone!

Patients with ill fitting full dentures often choose to replace them with implant secured dentures: Dr. Finlay or Dr. Anderson permanently secure the dental bridge or dentures with strategically placed implants. No more slipping dentures or adhesives!

Dr. Finlay works with local top oral surgeons and uses cutting edge digital technology in his Arnold dental office to provide high quality care for patients needing to replace missing teeth with dental implants or secure dentures with implants.

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Brighten your smile by replacing old, dark dental fillings. | Dr. Finlay, Arnold, MD

Dental fillings are one of the most common procedures performed in any dentist’s office. Dental fillings are used to restore a decayed tooth to normal function and prevent future decay in an effort to keep a patient’s natural tooth and maintain oral health.

During a typical dental filling procedure, Annapolis area dentists Dr. Scott Finlay and Dr. Chris Anderson will remove all decayed material from a tooth, clean out the area and then fill it in with one of several compound options to restore the tooth and seal any cracks or open spaces where bacteria could enter. The composite use for the filling will be determined by several factors: the severity of decay, the location of the tooth, the desired appearance, and a patient’s budget. In severe cases, Dr. Finlay or Dr. Anderson may recommend the use of a dental crown or suggest root canal therapy to save the tooth and prevent further decay. They will take the time to determine the most suitable treatment, ensuring comfortable and long term results for his patients.

Many patients have chosen to replace old, dark fillings with composite or white fillings, especially those in the “smile zone”. Replacing noticeable dark fillings can offer a quick smile makeover as well as strengthen the natural tooth. In some cases, Dr. Finlay may suggest the use of a dental crown to replace an old filling in order to keep the natural tooth intact and avoid a future extraction or root canal.

There are several types of dental fillings offered by Drs. Finlay and Anderson in their Arnold dental office:

Composite resin fillings: also called “white fillings”, this is the customized cosmetic filling that is often recommended to replace old, dark fillings that are in the smile zone for a more natural appearance or as part of a smile makeover.
Porcelain fillings: these are custom made inlays or onlays created in a dental lab and customized to match a patient’s natural tooth color.
White fillings: Dr. Finlay uses metal free white fillings to provide patients with durable cavity treatment that will not detract from their natural smile.

If you would like to brighten your smile with a new, white filling or have experienced symptoms of tooth decay and need to discuss a filling procedure, contact Dr. Finlay or Dr. Anderson in Arnold to schedule an appointment.

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Start off the new year with a clean, healthy smile! | Dr. Scott Finlay, Arnold, MD

It’s the start of a new year!

A great time to restore your oral health with a preventive care visit with Dr. Finlay or Dr. Anderson in Arnold, MD, or to consider that “smile makeover” you have always wanted!

In recent years, there has been mounting evidence showing the connection between oral health and overall physical health and well being. These studies have shown that it is important to maintain optimal oral health with regular preventive dental care to reduce and/or prevent the incidence of tooth decay and gum disease- both of which can lead to more complex dental health problems as well as an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes and other general health issues.

Keeping your smile healthy is an important part of overall good health! Dr. Scott Finlay and Dr. Chris Anderson will provide not only a thorough cleaning and exam during preventive care visits, but they will take the time to educate their dental patients on proper at home oral hygiene as well as recommend necessary or preventive restorative procedures that can increase the longevity of a patient’s natural smile.

A nationally recognized leading dentist, Dr. Finlay is committed to continuing education and has devoted many hours to teaching both nationally and internationally, focusing his work on complex dental health issues.

Dr. Finlay offers a wide variety of restorative and cosmetic dental procedures to meet the needs of his Annapolis area dental patients. If you are ready for a “smile makeover”, schedule a consultation with Dr. Finlay or Dr. Anderson. With over 30 years of combined experience, Drs. Finlay and Anderson offers their patients not only a personalized treatment plan designed to meet their cosmetic desires, but ensures that any procedure will also enhance and maintain their oral health.

Your smile is an important part of your overall health- keep it bright and healthy with preventive care and a good oral hygiene routine!

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Snoring? You may benefit from oral appliance therapy.| Dr. Finlay, Arnold

Sleep apnea is a serious condition that can cause a person to stop breathing repeatedly during sleep.

One of the most common symptoms of sleep apnea is snoring, especially loud snoring. Patients suffering from sleep apnea often awaken feeling tired and groggy- as if they didn’t get enough sleep. Sleep apnea can not only interfere with one’s ability to get a good night’s rest, but it can also lead to more serious health problems, such as high blood pressure, stroke and type 2 diabetes.

Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is the most common type and is more prevalent among patients who may be overweight or who consume alcohol or tobacco. Some patients find relief from snoring with moderate lifestyle changes that reduce the affects of these common factors. But for many others, professional help is needed to stop the snoring and effectively reduce the health risks associated with snoring and OSA.

Dr. Scott Finlay and his associate, Dr. Chris Anderson, offer oral appliance therapy for patients with OSA. Oral appliance therapy, a conservative approach to treating OSA, involves the use of a custom fit mouth guard that is designed to stabilize the jaw, tongue and other soft tissues in the mouth to prevent snoring and allow for uninterrupted breathing. Oral appliance therapy will help patients get a more restful night’s sleep and reduce the risks associated with sleep apnea. Many patients are successfully treated with this type of therapy, avoiding the need for the use of a machine to stop snoring.

Snoring is not only a health hazard in many cases, but it can also interrupt the sleep of other loved ones! Many people don’t realize they are snoring until they are told by someone whose sleep has been habitually interrupted.

If you notice that you awaken feeling tired, even after “sleeping” for 7 or more hours, you may be suffering from a form of sleep apnea. It is important to discuss your symptoms with Dr. Finlay or Dr. Anderson to see if oral appliance therapy is recommended.

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Holiday stress or TMJ? | Dr. Scott Finlay, DDS

Dental patients who suffer with a temporomandibular disorder (TMD), commonly called TMJ, may experience an increase in teeth grinding and other symptoms of TMJ due to the added stress of the holiday season.

Among the many possible causes of TMJ, stress is a common factor, frequently causing patients to clench their jaw or teeth, grind their teeth and experience increased tension in the jaw and the temporomandibular joint (the TMJ).

Dr. Scott Finlay, a cosmetic and restorative dentist in the Annapolis area, has extensive post graduate education and specialized training in the treatment of bite disorders such as TMJ. The successful treatment of TMJ can be complex and providing long term results relies on the proper diagnosis of the underlying imbalance in the bite. Dr. Finlay uses digital technology known as Tek-scan to evaluate the precision and force of a patient’s bite : patients bite down on a sensor and 3-D images are created which can be used to analyze their bite and identify areas of imbalance. In addition to Tek-scan, Dr. Finlay also performs a thorough evaluation of a patient’s entire occlusal system before creating a customized treatment plan.

There are a wide variety of procedures and treatments that can be used for TMD, starting with the use of a night guard to prevent teeth grinding. This conservative approach is often effective in relieving the symptoms of TMJ and preventing damage to the teeth or TMJ.

For patients who have damaged teeth- either from the TMD or as a root cause- Dr. Finlay may recommend a restorative procedure to realign the teeth. This may involve reshaping the teeth with tooth bonding or crowns, realigning the teeth with orthodontics, or replacing missing teeth. All of these possible treatments will restore balance in the occlusal system.

TMJ can often be painful and affect a patient’s lifestyle: disrupted sleep, headaches, painful chewing are frequent complaints.

Dr. Finlay offers his Annapolis area dental patients the relief they need and restores their oral health with TMJ therapy.

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Porcelain veneers offer lasting, natural looking results. | Dr. Scott Finlay, DDS

For Annapolis area dental patients wanting everything from a subtle change to a complete smile makeover, cosmetic dentistry offers a wide variety of options!

Dr. Scott Finlay and Dr. Chris Anderson offer many choices, including high quality porcelain veneers.

A nationally recognized and highly skilled cosmetic dentist, Dr. Finlay offers his dental patients porcelain veneers as a cosmetic option for those seeking a change to their smile as well as a restorative procedure to treat a variety of dental problems: chipped or broken teeth, gaps between teeth, crooked teeth and stained or discolored teeth.

Porcelain veneers are made from a translucent material and both appear and function just like a natural tooth. They are highly stain resistant, offering years of bright, white smiles! Dr. Finlay, who practices “complete dentistry” , will perform a thorough exam of a patient’s occlusal system and recommend the best treatment option to suit a patient’s oral health needs, their personal goals and their budget.

The choice between different types of veneers should take into consideration a number of factors: oral health, budget goals and cosmetic goals. Dr. Finlay and his associate, Dr. Anderson, will advise each patient on the benefits and drawbacks of each choice so that they can understand the expected results.

The porcelain veneer procedure will require a couple of visits to Dr. Finlay’s Arnold dental office: the first visit will include tooth preparation and impressions which will be sent to a specialized dental lab for fabricating the custom porcelain veneers. At the subsequent visit, Dr. Finlay or Dr. Anderson will place the final restoration. The process only takes up to a couple of weeks and patients will receive temporary restorations to wear while their veneers are being made.

As an alternative, composite- “no prep”- veneers are removable veneers that are attached directly to the tooth. This type of veneer, while also popular, is appropriate only in certain cases where teeth are generally in good shape. Porcelain veneers are permanent and they can last for many years with proper oral hygiene, including regular preventive care visits to Dr. Finlay for thorough dental cleanings and exams.

Dr. Finlay and Dr. Anderson will advise their dental patients who receive veneers how to properly care for them to help them last for a lifetime of beautiful, natural looking smiles!

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